Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer's Last Gasp

I'm glad we decided to head out for an adventure yesterday as it may very well be the last bit of summer we'll have this season. We decided on a hike, and I was thinking of something more the kids could do with us, so decided on Tumwater Falls. We'd never been, and I read that the salmon were running - sounded exciting. The hatchery was full of the largest salmon I'd ever seen. We saw plenty of salmon in the river making their way to the final ladder too! It was a good choice. We learned that Maddie is afraid of bridges and falling into water. We tried to get a good family shot, but Maddie was hysterically hysterical about being dropped in the water. We then had a nice picnic lunch and Ryan came up with an adventure all by himself. It was a surprise he said, so when we neared the destination off Reservation Rd. in Shelton, he had us close our eyes, then open them once we were in the middle of the High Steel Bridge. We parked the car and walked to the middle of the bridge and peered over. I think we'll be back for a nice hike sometime. It's gorgeous out there. -Surprisingly, Maddie did not get hysterical and actually enjoyed peering through the guardrail.

Can you see the worry on Maddie's face?Our attempt at a family photo with two ill-coping children.Long way down Dad.


Carrie said...

You know what's funny? I am reading this post, realizing that although I've been to that park dozens of times (having grown up in Oly/Tumwater) that you weren't from there! Talk about my brain getting confused! LOL

Kelly said...

Oh that looks like lots of fun! The picture of you & Ryan is really cute!