Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art Smarts

We love art! Thank you Kelly for the wonderful painting idea! -pudding paint turned body art. We came up with a new way to get paint on paper.

This project I discovered through Crafty Crow was wonderfully colorful! I used water and a dab of artist watercolor to make liquid watercolors. They are so lovely that I've had a hard time dumping them out. They sit on our counter looking lively. We used some for coffee filter painting which we are going to make into flowers. I'd like to put the rest into spray bottles so they can each paint a bed sheet, but that means I have to remember to buy the spray bottles...which is unlikely.

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Matthew and Stephanie said...

One more reason I'm glad we put wood floor in our dinning room when we ripped out the carpet,although it will be tough keeping up with the creativity of the Smiths!....:p