Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boating Life.

So...Ryan's dream come true turned into a nightmare when we discovered that the transom had a SERIOUS crack. That meant that the back of the boat was about to fall off - and with no experience in fiberglass work or boat repair, Ryan was feeling rather desperate and depressed. But, we ended up being able to have it repaired rather quickly and have been using it these last couple weeks quite a bit (to the lake patrol's dismay) to tube and ski. Maddie seems to enjoy tubing, and Annora seems to enjoy riding in the boat, and we're all enjoying sharing our boat with friends and family. Boating on our lake has been pretty good. It's quick to get the boat launched, and we found the perfect park at the end of the lake that has never been crowded and has a great swimming and picnic area. BUT our lake also has a lake patrol. I think they flag us down every time we're out, either they can't see our lot numbers on the boat, they want to make sure we're owners and have registered the boat, or we're going too fast after 7pm (we're docking at 7:06), and sometimes we're driving too erratically. It's frustrating to live at a lake and not be able to use it during the best ski hours. I'm sure it could be worse - as the lake patrol was trying to impress upon Ryan last night - but it still stinks to have an old man drive down to the dock so he can yell at you to get your boat back to the dock. No matter what, the boat has been fun.

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