Friday, September 25, 2009

Turnoff Week

Did you know that this week was National Turnoff Week? Ryan and I decided that it didn't apply to us...but we DID make some time for some board games even though we did keep up with our favorite shows.

This week was a week when I would have let the kids watch more TV than they should. We all had runny noses, Annora's teeth are making her cranky, and I have 101 things I SHOULD do and 201 things I WANT to do. These last 2 days I have been busy drawing plans for our swing set and playhouse. Which I am very excited about, but at the same time I just lost 2 days of my life I can't get back.

Anyway, our kids aren't allowed a lot of TV during the weekdays, except on weeks like these. But I thought since it was turnoff week, I should give it a go. I like TV. Sometimes I love TV. But there is something to be said about doing things like corn printing instead.

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