Friday, September 18, 2009

A Trip for Mr. Worm

Maddie found a worm in the garden today. She played with him till he died. Poor worm. I made her give him a bath in the sink because I thought he was looking a little dry. I had to fish him out of the drain. She came inside and asked me if I could get him out of the train...she said he was done taking his nap. I caught her coming down the stairs with it...worm play is supposed to stay outside. Apparently she was showing him to Annora. At least she brought him back downstairs.


Julia said...

This is one of the RADDEST things ever!! poor worm, yes. But Rad Maddie!!!

Matthew and Stephanie said...

I wonder what she will do with a frog?

Eric and Jamie said...

Oh geeez! I know that story all to well... Tayler and her bugs. Most of them end up "sleeping" too. We finally got her a bug barn.