Friday, May 08, 2009

Why Did I Think The Merry Go Round Would Slow Down?

I feel like I'm constantly going and there is no time to stop, no welcome respite. I try to not overwork myself, but it seems that I am working from early morning till late at night. Better time management? I don't know. Usually the Internet is what keeps me from getting things done, but lately I've been lucky to check my email! Not very conducive for my craigslist garage sale as my real garage sale was a minor failure. Not that people didn't want my stuff, as we've already heard reports of people buying our donated items from Treasures.
I think we should eat more prepared foods and I should stop baking...and no more meals in the kitchen, we'll only eat outside. Then I won't have to sweep the floor 3 times a day. I have this schedule of house chores, it makes my house run smoothly. It makes me run smoothly. But I guess that second kid just drops a lot of extra mess, cause my schedule used to be to sweep the floors every other day. That has all changed. I've given up on the mopping...although it's sweet to see the little footprints streaked across afterward.
I like what I do though. The tediousness of it, the task of doing something over and over again...can wear on a person, but I'm good at it. And I'm happy God gave me joy for this that goes beyond the hair pulling.
Lately we've been spending a lot of time in the garden. It's one of my favorite places to be. I don't have much garden space to plant anymore, and honestly I'm not sure exactly where that space is. I had a diagram, and didn't keep to it, and failed to remember and write it down. SO with that and my double planting in various areas and Annora's love of digging in the garden beds despite my efforts to train her away from them...we'll see what we get this year. The girls are loving their IKEA sand sets they got from Grandma. The ice cream one is fun...I find myself making lots of sand cones...I'm a mud pie maker through and through. Must be where Annora gets her taste for the grit between her teeth.
This picture of Maddie in her red shoes is my new favorite photo. It's classic girlhood. Skinned knee, dress up clothes, toes pointed in stance...never mind the fact that she was eating the perlite from the potting soil - what is it with my kids and dirt? Ha!
If you're looking for news on what our kids are up to (grandparents) Annora is finally sprouting some teeth! Our big eater is finally getting something to chew that food with! All 4 molars and 4 new front teeth are either in or on their way.
Madeleine is almost through her first Language Arts workbook and I have noted that there are 3 in this series, so will be getting the next soon. Highly highly recommend it - by Sandi Queen. She can recognize the lower case as well as the upper case letters. And is even being able to distinguish d from b, which I thought would never happen. Still spotty on it, but she's very excited to learn to read.

Annora is very skilled at coming down the stairs all by her little self now. And she loves to climb on things. This rocker is a favorite of hers at current. She likes to lay back in it and just smile at you.
Annora will not sit quietly and play by herself any longer while sister and I bake or do projects. I always give Maddie a chair at the counter to help out...and now Annora is PUSHING HER OWN CHAIR up to the counter so she can help too. It's hilarious, and amazing to me. How little she is, and how much she knows and cares about. And this tiny 2 foot person scooting a chair around the kitchen...makes me giggle just thinking about it.

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