Monday, May 25, 2009


Our friends invited us out to clam with them at their favorite spot along the hood canal and we had such a fun time! Everyone was able to get their limit on clams, and we brought home quite a few oysters too. We learned a lot such as: the horse clams are better for chowder, the smaller clams are tastier steamed than larger ones, you can just soak them in a bucket of water if you're going to steam them-no dissecting required, and young men can slurp a LOT of oyster goo.

Later we met at the Clifton's to share in the bounty. They did a great job frying and steaming them. And I had enough oyster to say I've tried it. I might try it again fried. But the taste of the ocean is just not a taste I love. That's what it tasted like to me. Not foul, just oceany. And I even tried a steamed clam. I liked the taste okay, but the visual of it was hard to overcome and the spongy texture is not a favorite...and then watching Annora play with hers and I saw this brown gunk squeeze out...I may have had a second before watching that, but that ruined it. Annora apparently loves oysters. She ate 4! So, Grandma Sue, you'll have a partner at the oyster fest now!


The Pierce Family said...

I have been wanting to do this so bad....I keep telling my hubby. How fun.

Julia said...

So fantastic! And I love the pic of my men!! They're pretty cute! I'm almost sorry I nissed it, but not really :)

~C said...

i'm not the biggest clam/oyster fan either. although james did fry up some clams once and they were tasty. the crunchy bread covered up the sliminess enough for me. :) sounds like fun!