Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Preview of Summer and Thankfulness

Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather! All of you in the Northwest say, "Amen"! Ha! This winter has seemed drearier at times than others. Maybe because our family has suffered so many illnesses, or maybe it was really that much more dreary. I love the winter, I really do. I miss being close to a ski slope...maybe that's why it was dreary, so much snow and so little skiing. (OK, you probably can't count the time I skied down the road) So NO skiing. Anyway...I'm just thankful for the sun and warmth. My garden is thankful, my yard is thankful, my Jane bug and Love bug are thankful, my compost is thankful, my car WAS thankful till the pollen came...but there is a lot of thankfulness here in this home and this heart.

I'm tired though. I guess I felt like I had to do it ALL. Did I think there would never be a sunny day again? So, I'm also thankful that rain is in the forecast.

These are the things we'll be up to this summer. We were happy to do them a little early. I probably should have taken the girls for a dip in the lake. But we tried that a couple weeks back and Annora apparently has no fear of water just like her sister...so am a little intimidated to take both by myself. The swim lessons in the tub just aren't enough for me to feel confidant!

Maddie is scared of this battery powered 4 wheeler. We were thinking of getting rid of it...it's Annora's new love. She can't get enough of it. (And yes, she was eating dirt...another love)

Was thinking about getting rid of this as well...think we'll have to keep it for a bit too.

This is my little Tinkerbell. The things she does, the things she wears...they make me smile all day long.

Mmm...sprinkler water.


Kelly said...

Hey Shalisa! I'm glad you tracked me down! I don't have my blog linked on my FB page because a lot of our students from church are on FB & I don't want them to have it. Not that I say anything bad (although I do talk about them sometimes :)) it's just a boundaries thing, you know.
Yes it is fun having lots of kids around. I have my two nieces all week so there are usually at least 5 here at our house. I love it!
My friend & "Market partner" has an Etsy store. I had a few things in her store after we did our Christmas stuff last year but it's too much to keep it up all the time with 5 kids.
Thanks for saying hi! Your girls are SO cute! Your little "Tinkerbell" would probably be good friends with my Carson. He is always dressing up or wearing something interesting. He's a creative, free-spirited little boy! :)

Eric and Jamie said...