Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Mouse

We were successful in keeping our trip to Disneyland a secret for Madeleine. We didn't let her know till we got to the gate at the airport. She's still so young that she wasn't exactly sure what was going on. When we woke her up and put her in the car she was very excited and said, "We're going to my birthday party!". Heehee. Kind of. She did have a great birthday celebration at Ariel's Grotto where she got to be the honored guest and meet every princess and have her own birthday cake. She had a lot of fun.

We all had a lot of fun. But we're very tired from the busy weekend and the germs that have invaded our bodies. Can the sun please shine down on us so we can be sanitized?! We're going to have to quarantine ourselves from everyone else till we're better. The poor girls. Maddie as you can see was not quite the right color while at Disneyland because she had a bad reaction to the medicine for her ear infection (or she just had a rash with the illness, it's hard to know for sure). And Annora apparently has pneumonia. I just thought the fever was from teething. And...I must say, that I am disappointed in myself because I meant to get her back on the vaccination schedule for Prevnar and didn't, and most likely this could have been prevented had she been up to date on that. Vaccinate people, vaccinate! Your kids won't die and they'll still be able to spell backwards when it's all over. It was purely by accident that we got off schedule, and then thought I was smart and would "save" her body from one more invader...hmmm...I was wrong.

Enjoy the pictures!


Danny said...

Looks like you had a blast! Enjoyed your "Mulan" post, glad she finally wore our outfit. (Though the link to our site doesn't work!)

Water Buffalo said...

I have to say Maddie's rosy cheeks are actually quite cute! Looks like you all still had fun!