Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Affair With Our Girls.

We had a merry Valentine's day with heart eggs and heart toast and heart cake balls and heart dresses and heart crowns and big heart "hugs" and heart stickers and heart games...but apparently I have no heart cookie cutters! How can a person of my baking stature have NO heart cookie cutters! I'll have to remedy that, but in the meantime, we had to make "lovie the lobster" cookies to decorate. :P

Thank you to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Beth for the fun gifts from Japan. I think I'm going to dust up on my Japanese now so I can read the wrappings. Maddie fell in love with her pig. For the rest of the morning she took it everywhere with her. She took it riding on her horse, showed it what was out the window...just a merry ole time! Annora was enamored by the the little cup. She is obsessed with little drinking vessels at current. Pretends she's drinking out of them and everything.

My captain underpants had a problem with hair in the face. Often I remedied it with pigtails or other fun rubber band hairstyles. However as of late she has been kicking and screaming when I try to add these lovelies to her hair. And I think I found that part of the culprit was that they were uncomfortable at nap time or in the car. So, we amended the situation. It was a hard decision to cut her bangs, but it's very sweet. I think Daddy gulped real hard the first time he saw it, but we're both OK with it. Cute as a button.


Eric and Jamie said...

Cute hair Maddie!! When Tayler saw this she said, in a happy voice, "oh! There's Maddie!" Then she said in a sad voice, "oh, she bit my finger." HA!

Shalisa said...

Hahaha! I'm learning more and more these days that little kiddos don't forget...they REALLY remember :) Maddie talks a lot about Tayler when she wears her Belle dress, because she remembers Tayler sharing it :)

Julia said...

AAAAAKK! I love your girls!!