Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tonights Activity?

So for the last few days I have really gotten back in to gaming, both the heavy multiplayer strategy gaming like we do on game nights and some great 2 player games that Shalisa and I can play together. The problem is, most of the games I really enjoy (that I own) are best played with 3-4 players, and one of my absolute favorites (Settlers of Catan) can't be played without at least 3 players.

Well part of me getting back in to gaming is rediscovering (warning: if you are OCD and like to log stuff, AVOID - It's a trap!) and all of the great reviews, comments, and suggestions that they have there. One of the sections for every game is a "files" section. Usually I had mostly ignored this section, I don't know why I think I was just usually interested in reading reviews and never bothered to check the area out.

Well I was reading the forum and I ran across a post about a guy who made these super cool card holders out of foam, cardboard, glue and some templates for some random game he owned, and he commented how he got the templates out of the files section. This got me thinking about Settlers and how I hate how having all my tiles just floating around in my box or being rubber banded together. Sure enough there were some great templates for some cool tile holders (they need to be printed on thicker card stock, so I am going to see what craft supplies Shalisa has tonight and will print and construct them tomorrow).

So after looking at the tile holder, I clicked around, and the next highest rated file in there was a 2 player Settlers of Catan rules variant... not only that, but it wasn't some random rule variant posted by poster X, it was posted BY THE AUTHOR OF THE GAME! I quickly nabbed the file (2 Player Rules) and read through them. The rules seem pretty straightforward, adds a new component to the game (commerce tokens) and it sounds not only fun, but competitive and in the spirit of Settlers for only 2 players.

So I am thinking tonight Shalisa and I may give it a test run after the kiddo's go to bed, and I will post a review of the 2 player rules variant after we play. But anyone else out there that owns Settlers (Justin, James, Marcus, Gabe) but can't always get together with friends and enjoys some good gaming with their wife this might be something you are interested in as well.


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hellz yeahz

Eugene & Christie & Abby said...

Wow, my wife and I will try this tomorrow!