Monday, June 16, 2008


Maddie is usually too busy to pay much attention to Annora. But at times she is the sweetest little big sister. Whenever Annora cries, Maddie will say, "Poor Annora" (I think more because in the Peter Pan movie, Micheal says, "poor nana"...and Maddie picked up on that). And when Annora smiles Maddie will say, "Annora is so happy!" Maddie likes to dance with Annora. Actually Maddie just likes to dance, usually with Mommy, but if Mommy needs to hold Annora...Maddie grabs a hand and twists her arm in dancing motion. Sometimes Maddie asks if Annora can have some of her snack...hehe. I'm glad she's asking and not just offering. But my favorite thing is when Maddie goes over to Annora and "plays" with her. It usually consists of her saying "HI Annora! HI Annora! HI Annora!" and waving in her face, maybe shaking one of her toys, maybe a hug, and sometimes the steeling of Annora's toy. We're working on the last part. But...Annora always smiles. Those are good times.


Eric and Jamie said...

so sweet!

Koralmae said...

Oh, that just melts my old, cold heart!

cindyp said...

you've got some cute girlies! :)