Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wedding Bells are Ringing

So come tomorrow morning Shalisa and I (and Maddie and Annora) will be driving up to SeaTac airport and flying out to Portland, Maine. My brother Kyle is actually going to get married!

I am actually pretty excited for this wedding, before I turned 25 I had been in literally over 12 weddings and had gotten pretty burned out on them. So it has been nice to not have to go to any weddings these last few years and couple that with the fact that it's my brother getting married, and I do actually have some genuine excitement over this wedding.

It will be weird, Kyle and Beth have a pretty big wedding party (of which I am in) and I actually only know 1 other groomsmen (Ryan Doss) so the whole adventure may be a bit weird. The good thing is I am pretty good at meeting people, plus if these people were dumb enough to befriend Kyle I am pretty sure I can trick them in to liking me for a weekend no problem :p The other weird thing will be meeting Beth. Yep, thats right my brother is marrying a woman I have never even actually met! I suppose that is what happens when you move across the country, fall in love and start dating women that live 5000 miles away from me.

I don't know if we will have internet over there or not so we will see if I can make any more posts for the rest of the week.

On the off chance that I won't be able to post, you will have to just watch this video 2 or 3 times to get your Ron Paul fix for the week... but I will be back next week to continue to try and convert those of you who are as of yet unconvinced, Ron Paul 2008!

(Also, as a side note. I know a lot of people don't think voting for Ron Paul is a good idea because they don't believe he has a reasonable/realistic shot at winning. This is mainly due to the reason that Ron Paul has polled so low in main stream media polls. I will be honest, this very issue has concerned me, as much as I like ideals I understand math and understand that a proper sample size CAN predict with fairly good accuracy eventual outcomes. It is in this light that I will expound on why the sample size/group used for the main stream media polls is flawed, and what other indicators we can look at to see how Ron Paul is really doing.)

Edit to add: if you are reading this on the RSS feed, you should visit the page and check out the YouTube commercial clip I included over in the sidebar. It's only 30 seconds long and I really think it's a GREAT commercial... and it was done strictly by volunteers who received 0 pay from the Ron Paul campaign. With volunteers like this... he can't lose!

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.justin said...

my first anti-ron apul [uneducated/outward appearace] thoughts were this:

i don't want another old white republican from texas in office. we've go that now and it's obviously not working.

i'm beginning to see that ron paul, who is old and white and from texas is not very "republican" in nature, although running on the republican ticket. is this correct? i believe he is under the "libertarian" category, something i've enjoyed reading and learning about.

one stumbling block for me to adopt this fully:

libertatians believe that you worry about yourself, basically, right?

while i don't think military force in iraq/middle east is necessary, i really would love to see some serious intervention [by force if necessary] to put an end to genocide in darfur, and other injustices happening in africa. how ridiculous would it have been if america didn't get into WWII and the holocaust kept on rolling? [they say we didn't know much about it until after the war was over]

my sticking point is this: keep our nose out of other people's business is good, but what about using the financial wealth and the military might that we are blessed with to do good for those that are treated unjustly? what about distributing our wealth to decrease the level of poverty in africa, and around the world? training up and equipping the common man/lower class to be entrepreneurs?

i think libertarians believe that social aid [local, national, and international] should be left up to the CHURCH and other relief organizations. i too agree with this. [it IS the CHURCH's JOB!] but i don't see the global church buying m16s to kill LRA people... nor do i think that's what jesus intended... so basically i'm conflicted here.

also to note: i don't think other candidates are planning on diverting our military force/budget to helping situations in africa...


my heart says one thing, i have my doubts, and i'm not sure how to move forward on this issue.

sorry for writing so much...