Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So over the Thanksgiving weekend I got into a debate with Shalisa's uncles over the current state of our government (I know, shocking, Ryan having a political debate, try to contain your amazement).

I was arguing that there was rampant corruption in the government (on both sides of the aisle) and that Iraq was nothing more than war profiteering. They of course are hard line Republicans and believe we are over there to "save the Iraqi's" and that we must "stay the course." I then went on my rant against Dick Cheney and how corrupt he was. I pointed to his no-bid and cost plus contracts that he gave his friends in both Blackwater and Halliburton. The Blackwater stuff did bother them (they have a 10,000 man standing force ON DOMESTIC SOIL) but when we started talking about Halliburton they were confused. They said everyone always says "Halliburton this and Halliburton that" but that what actually had Halliburton done. Well besides accepting huge US Military contracts, then moving their headquarters to Dubai to escape paying taxes on BILLION dollar contracts... here is a video showing just exactly how they were serving not only the American tax payer, but the American troops as well:


jeremy said...

Is this for real?

Thats my money!

Who's ass is going to jail for this?

Why would we have private contractors for military support roles? Doesn't the military know how to purify water, cook food, and do laundry?

"Outrageous" doesn't even begin to describe this!

Julia said...

I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

Tax dollars! WHO CARES!

That's people's sons, brothers, uncles, dads, friends,
that's JAMES' BROTHER'S LIFE at risk by people "helping"!!

I so hope this is old news.
my Z saw the water bit with me. HE has brain enough to worry. What the hell is wrong with the ADULT MEN "leading" this company.
Jail? No...make them shower in and drink thier own "clean water"!!!
Makes me sick to my stomach.

Ryan and Shalisa said...

It's not just the water.

That money they are "wasting" could go to pay for oh I don't know... the body armor they have all been begging and pleading for.

And the fact that they won't even change the food service rules just to avoid attacks boggles my mind...

.justin said...

heartless comment ahead:

i laughed when the interview guy started crying.

i agree with the other comments above too.

jeremy said...

for a second, when he started crying, i was thinking this must be a sick hoax.

then i googled halliburton and it looks like this might be legit - not that i believe everything i see online, but its confirmation

Ryan and Shalisa said...

Oh no, this Halliburton stuff is all fact, and it has been reported (although very scarcely) by major media outlets (NBC, CNN, CBS, etc).

It's not a matter of "is this really happening?" but a matter of "how long are we going to let this happen?"