Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A shifting society

So I watched a video over on the .justin about how much our world is shifting to be more and more accessible on line.

It just blows my mind how accessible media creation tools are available to us today. From the video justin has on his site to the commercial I posted over on my side bar which is just a video made by some random internet individual for $0.... compare that "ad" with an ad made by some major ad agency for Obama or Guiliani or Hillary and I think we are starting to see a fundamental shift in how our world creates content.

More and more individuals go on line to get their information (as referenced by my earlier post on how many people no longer watch the daily news) and it is becoming easier and easier for an individual to have their voice heard amongst the masses.

Look at Ron Paul's campaign, an individual completely unattached to the "official" campaign decided to organize his own online fund raising event. This turned into a $4.2 million dollar single day donation to Ron Paul's campaign on November 5th... the largest single day a Republican has ever had in the primaries. Think about that, the internet allowed an individual with an idea to have his voice heard and potentialy changed the world.

The quicker our politicians, employers, schools, pastors, etc figure it out, the faster it will snowball as this is a self perpetuating phenomenon. I think it is exciting times we live in when one voice can literally be heard by millions... if not billions. That is just awe inspiring.

And on that note I leave you with another high quality video:

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Bob said...

I agree. I work for a company that does over $10,000,000,000 (10 billion) a year and has heavily invested in advertising. They have one of the most valuable logos and name identification. They recently announced an employee contest and are soliciting homemade videos about the company and it's products. The goal is easy to see since there is a 2 minute time limit, 30 seconds is recommended, the topic about work, products, etc. No competetors names used, all work done by amatuers - no scripting, acting, editing hired out. And all of this must be done on your own time, no company time unless your manager agrees to do it as a team event. The company also gets rights to any ideas that were used in the video.