Friday, August 03, 2007

Why does Google rock SO HARD

Seriously, outside of perhaps Mr. Jobs and his fruity company there may not be a large mega company I love as much as the goog.

I am not typically a super fanboi of mega companies, and even in Google and Apple's case I don't think I am a fan of the "company" so much as the products they kick out. Apple has had more than it's share of face plants over the year, but even a lot of those were just "before their time" (Newton anyone?). Similarily Google hasn't had a perfect success record, but honestly MOST of their products are EXACTLY what I am looking for.

I have been using Google's search probably longer than most, I started out using webcrawler way back when I first started on my internets journey. I then had a BRIEF affair with excite before I finally settled on Google as my search engine of choice around the year 2000.

So for 7+ years I have been googling and loving it. Not only that but I know Google Reader has been many an individuals gateway into the wonderful bliss that is rss. This here blog is hosted on Blogger that is, yes, owned (bought) by Google. My main email account is a Gmail account. My personalized home page is Google/ig, my router was paid by funds made through AdSense and while working on my latest project I have been using document collaboration with Brian Dickman using Google Documents. And the scary part, not a SINGLE one of these products do I use over another product because "it's google"... instead I use all of these because they are either 1) the only offering or 2) the best offering at the time I started using them. Google seriously owns my online soul!

So as I was sitting here, listening to my iPod, thinking about how I have been doing a better job of updating my blog lately, an idea struck me. I need to have iTunes update my blog in real time with what I am listening to, that should be a simple enough script. And then I thought "I can't be the first person to do this, heck there are probably 100's of these scripts out there" so I Googled it real quick. First hit was: itunesblogger hosted on none other than Google's own code repository. Now is hardly a new idea, Sourceforge has been around a LOT longer. But you know what my main complaint about Sourceforge is, they have 100's of thousands (millions?) of awesome programming projects, and absolutely NO WAY to find ANY OF THEM. Unless you are linked to Sourceforge by a developers web page or you google across just the right keywords contained in the project page... you would never find anything.

So take Sourceforge, add great "searchability" to it, and presto: you end up with a code repository on google that will hopefully be what I dream of it being.

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Danny said...

I too love google, not the company, but the products. Have you tried out Google Earth? I also like the new street view on Google maps.

Also, I would be interested in the fantasy football league. you can email me at