Monday, August 06, 2007

Here hoping for "not sucking"

I think it is a sad commentary on movies nowdays when my first thought on a movie is "Gee I hope it doesn't suck " but alas that is where we are today in Hollywoods "sequel mania."

Now not all sequels are bad, heck I think X2 was the best of the 3 so far (it built on the great foundation of characters 1 laid down, which is the key to any franchise movie series, build up your cast of characters early) and I think we can ALL agree that Last Crusade (the 3rd) is the best Indy film to date.

Batman has always had a nice series going, although when Batman & Robin hit that was brutal and I pretty much considered the series dead. But then Christopher Nolan (yes that Christopher Nolan, of Memento fame) decided to direct Batman Begins. I would argue that not only is Batman Begins the best Batman movie hands down, but possibly the best "comic book" movie of all time.

So in that light I don't know how to feel about this:

On one hand Christopher Nolan is back directing (although I don't know if he wrote this one like he did Begins) and Heath Ledger as a "young Joker" seems about as perfect casting as you can get (outside of Jack who was perfect but is too old now). But on the other hand this seems like a "we made tons of money with this formula so lets try it again" movie studio play, and those almost ALWAYS end up badly. I guess we will see.

Also, does anyone find it humerous that this is a sequel to a prequel... think about that one.


.justin said...

that trailer sucked butt compared to "cloverfield".

Ryan and Shalisa said...

At least they made their trailer available online

*cough* *cough*