Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts recently

But I am being attacked by airborne particulate of some kind which has made me fall under some sort of sickness. Or in more simple terms, I have really bad allergies which I believe turned into a sinus infection.

I am going to the doctor at 9:20 this morning, hopefully he can give me "the good stuff" and then I will be all better. After pretty much emptying the medicine cabinet yesterday to try and knock this thing out (seriously, I took Ephedrin, Claritin, Nasal spray, Benadryl) I finally hit one that worked. At around 9:45 I toook 50mg of Benadryl (two tablets, not 1). Wow, that did the trick, I am not even sure if my nose was running, that was like being clubbed over the the head by a 2x4, I was out cold. I woke up this morning SUPER groggy, I feel like I am walking around in a haze, but sadly it is all worth it because my nose isn't running right now. I was going to pick up some of the "non-drowsey" benadryl at the store before work, but the appointment lady said not to take anything until AFTER my doctors appointment.

So my nose is just starting to run, and I have to sit here and take it.

But yeah, as soon as I start to feel even a small modicum of relief I will post some more stuff up. I want to talk about High Seas Online since most of you probably have no clue what that is, I have some thoughts about church, and I have some other exciting news that I can't quite talk about.... yet...

So stay tuned, I promise more posts are forth coming.


beauty school drop out said...

HSO the thing that takes even more of my husbands little time.

not bitter :)

Just pointing out.

I hope you feel better soon.

Shalisa said...

Haha! Sara, you are great :)

beauty school drop out said...

Thank you Shalisa I try.