Monday, July 02, 2007

Book Review: Confessions of a Reformission Rev

So I just finished reading Confessions of a Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll.

The book is just a retelling of Driscoll's struggle and journey to grow Mars Hill from a 30 member church meeting in a church youth room on Sunday nights to the mega-church it is today.

The book is brutally honest by Mark in both critiquing himself and those around him and I think does a fair job of portraying his vision and goal for both Mars Hill and the salvation of Seattle.

The book is written for pastors (of which I am of course not) but I would still highly recommend it for anyone in church leadership, or any Christian period. Driscoll hammers home the point repeatedly that ultimately everything in Christianity centers around Christ, and anything takes away or does not point focus towards Christ needs to be re-evaluted and turned back towards Christ.

One of the points that struck a cord with me is when Driscoll brings up his disdain for "lukewarm" Christians and how you either need to be on board with where he is headed, his mission or stop wasting your time in his church. He makes it very clear to anyone involved with his church that if you are there just to "consume" Christianity without giving anything back, he doesn't want you. I actually believe this is a very biblical approach with respect to "lukewarm" Christians that Christ speaks about in Revelation. Driscoll also hammers home the need for manly men in Christian leadership who have the ability to communicate a "tough" message like that to the body of Christ (something I think that is sorely lacking in Christianity right now, we see so many hippified pansy flower children in Church leadership who don't want to hurt "feelings" while ignoring or sidestepping the truth that Christ speaks into our lives).

Ultimately the book is very raw, upfront, and challenging and one that I absolute LOVED reading. It is filled with tons of Driscoll's humour and is a quick read (took me about 2 hours to read the whole thing). The copy I have right now is actually my brothers that he lent to my parents who lent to me, but if anyone wants to borrow it to read I would be more than happy to let you borrow it.

Now excuse me while I go out and eat some meat, blow some stuff up, and prepare for a future in church leadership.


.justin said...

great book.

he's my hero in a sort of "he's definietly not jesus" sort of way.

dobson is another one of my heroes.

and ryan, you'd be hardpressed to find a book in the bible called revelationS.

Ryan and Shalisa said...

I don't know what you are talking about justin