Monday, July 02, 2007

Acting like a kid

So this week I am fully embracing my inner child. First of all to recap my previous posts my childhood passion, the Portland Trailblazers selected Greg Oden and you can watch him being introduced to Portland here (it was raining, hehe):

On Wednesday I plan on going out and blowing stuff up with fireworks and in general just acting like a kid and enjoying the celebration of our independence day.

And the most culminating "childhood" experience of the week will be tomorrow at 1:10 where I as a 29 year old adult male will be heading to the movies to act like a 9 year old boy:

Now some people aren't thrilled with Michael Bay (think "The Rock", "Armagedon", and "Bad Boys") being the director of Transformers, feeling he is just going to turn it into an car chase explosion fest... and to those people I say, HECK YES HE IS! Seriously, it's Transformers! I don't want convaluted story lines or some heavy plot (don't you people remember these cartoons, they were a 30 minute advert for toys for goodness sake, even produced by Hasbro the company that made the toys!) I want to see cars turn into robots, I want to see explosions, I want to hear Optimus Prime utter the line: "Autobots, roll out" and "Autobots, transform"... other than that my expectations for dialog are pretty low.

I think people who want some deep and meaningful storyline in a movie like Transformers are the ones who are failing to really enjoy/remember their childhood. What made childhood so great was the simplicity and naivety we all had. So to those going to Transformers, don't go expecting some deep and thoughtful movie, that wasn't what the cartoon was about, instead go expecting to see cars transform into robots, and then proceed to shoot everything and blow stuff up. If that is the extent of your expectation for Transformers I can't see any possible way in which Michael Bay will let you down.


beauty school drop out said...

More then meets the eye. I can't see it sadly it will be a while.

Socket said...

I won't be able to see it for awhile either, but very well put Ryan.