Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Look Ma! Something New!

My mom keeps checking our blog (she's not aware of RSS feeders) and has been disappointed to find it has nothing new. So here is something new. Will I keep up with it? Will I continue to bring new material for this lackadaisical blog? Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. I've struggled for the last few months with what is important enough to have a piece of my very valued time. I like to do most things, and dabble here and there, but I've learned that even little things take time. Like putting batteries in toys. Where are the batteries? Next to the bread. (I don't know why...that's just where I put them) 10 seconds to walk to the pantry...Where is the screwdriver? In the junk drawer. (Why don't toys have a tethered screwdriver attached to them? I despise toys with batteries and most are in our garage sale pile) 20 seconds to get the screwdriver, find the flathead - no wait, the phillips, and unscrew. 15 seconds to get it all put back together...to find out that it's broken. I could have tickled my child purple. Something I value so much more.

Anyway...on with the show. Kelly - you are my hero. Your theme days, the way you entertain 5 children - they make me covet your mothering. My kids are often well entertained, but I love theme days because I feel it's special. And kids need special. Unfortunately I don't always plan ahead. I'm actually very good at planning. And making lists, and scheduling...but for some reason, theme days have not happened because I can't plan it well. Finally I decided to check out Kelly's blog and do what I do best - list. I found all the theme days I wanted to do, listed everything I needed for all the food and activities and now I have my go-to theme days planner. I'm swiping. Because my life only has so much time for so many things. And the planning part is now out of the way. Thank you Kelly.

On Spring break we did "Very Hungry Caterpillar Day" which i have no pictures of, but I do have the Maddie quote upon seeing her lunch of Swiss cheese, salami and pickles "Mom you always make me the best lunches that I ever like!" Really. That's how she says it. Makes me smile. We also did "Build - It Day", which we borrowed legos for and was a huge success. Just so everyone is aware - the legos we borrowed were only HALF as many as these 2 boys own. Remember that when you see the picture of the tub. Crazy! Ryan wanted to sort them. I wanted to make myself REEAAL tiny so I could climb lego mountain. We built marshmallow towers and built a fort. Life is an enjoyable thing.


Kelly said...

It thrills me to pieces when my friends use our theme days to make their days special too! I'm so glad you guys have been enjoying them! There are still some old ones I haven't labeled yet. I need to go back and do that. Maybe I'll post them all under a tab at the top...Anyway, yay for theme days! I'm so glad your girls are loving them!

Danny said...

"Ryan wanted to sort them"

Of course, why wouldn't you sort them? You have to sort them before you can work with them so you know what you have to work with!