Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We're not dead...

We just don't have great internet service here in Boston, so there has been a lack of posts and communications from us :p

I signed us up for the t-mobile full internet plan (which is a pretty good deal, only like $7 for the week) since the hotel charges for internet. The only problem with it is that it has upload speeds worse than dialup. It isn't TOO bad for browsing, but trying to post ANYTHING takes eons (and the download speeds aren't exactly fantabulous... I think it took 3 hours for me to update 1 podcast on iTunes... but we can at least browse the internet "okay" with it).

But using my 1337 haxor skillz I managed to finagle us some decent free wireless for today, possibly for the rest of the trip... we will see how it works, but for now we have some nice free broadband access in our room, so I will update everyone on how we are doing.

We have had a great time in Boston so far, our trip has probably turned out better than what I was expecting. My biggest concern was sleeping conditions, and boy did God really deliver there. When we booked the room we pricelined it (cause we are cheap that way) and made a "request" for 2 doubles and a non-smoking room. Having experienced Pricelines HORRIBLE booking practices before, we called the hotel 2-3 days before we left to confirm that we had 2 doubles and a non-smoking room. Shalisa got possibly the most useless employee ever, but he assured her that yes that was what we were booked for.

So of course, when I go to check in... what do you think we had? If you guessed a King smoking room, you would be correct :p Luckily the lady at the front desk was super helpful and said she would see what she could do, and while we waited in the lobby to snack on some fresh (and by fresh I mean they were literally burning my hand hot) cookies. So we sat in the lobby eating our gooey chocolate chip cookies for like 2 minutes. I came back to the counter and she was sad to tell me that they didn't have any more double rooms, but she could put us in a king room with a rollaway for the evening, and then we could move to a double the next day (non-smoking of course). The instant Shalisa and I got in our room we knew that the rollaway was the way to go, it allowed us to put Maddie off in her own little corner with he own little bed, while still making the room functional for us to use while she slept. I called down and told them we were happy with the king with a rollaway and asked what it would cost to just keep this room and the rollaway, normally it would cost more but since it was their mistake they said no charge and to enjoy the room... and boy have we since then. Maddie has slept as well as can be expected on vacation (she goes to bed a little late, around 8:30ish, but all in all not that bad).

The weather has been really good, and improving. It was bit cold the first day, but there has been no rain and we packed our winter coats, so we are doing well on that front. We have walked most of the freedom trail already (Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution, Paul Revere's house, The State House, and tons of other stuff). We also have had a blast hanging out in both Boston Park and Boston Common (Boston's version of Central Park, Maddie has had a blast running around and playing with lots of other kids there). We went to the Children's museum, visited Cambridge and walked around Harvard. We leave for the Fenway to watch the "Sawx" in about an hour and a half. On Friday we will meet Kyle and Beth in Salem and then again on Saturday we will go with them to the Museum of Science. Plus we still get to visit the Great Wold Lodge when we come home (I read your reviews Justin and Kristi, lower floor room for us ;) ).

I have taken a lot of video footage (remains to be seen if any of it is actually any good, but at least I have taken video this trip) and Shalisa has taken some great photos (as always) so hopefully when we get back we can have a comprehensive multimedia experience to show off our trip.

Hope everything is going well back home, I am sure we will see you guys all again soon.

PS - I am pretty sure Maddie has a new boyfriend, his name is "Peter Pan"... she has probably watched it... 10 times already this trip, we brought TONS of other movie options for her, but any time we try and watch anything other than Peter Pan, she goes about 30 seconds before asking "Peter Pan? Peter Pan?" and repeating this until Peter Pan is finally put in the DVD player. It's for her enjoyment, so if it is what she wants thats fine by me... but wow she sure loves Peter Pan.


Julia said...

I forgot you are gone!!
So glad you are having a good trip

Eric and Jamie said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good time! Bring me back something good! ;)