Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So depressed...

I know I know, when the rest of you read this you will be all: boo hoo poor Ryan, but I needed somewhere to vent.

So my Macbook got sent back to Apple this Monday, so I am without my laptop. Even though I am out of warranty I had an issue with my case falling apart, and Apple decided to cover it, so at least that isn't all bad. But I am home without a laptop, ugh.

So to compensate, on my way home from work today, I swung by Wal-Mart and picked up MarioKart for the Wii, I have read a ton of good reviews and my co-workers who own it all rave about it.

I got home, popped it in the drive... unable to load disc... well thats weird. Try a few more times (ejecting, powering down, rebooting, unplugging, updating) and still no luck. Maybe I got a bum game disc that would suck.... Stick in SSBB, unable to read game disc... uh oh. Stick in Mario Galaxy, unable to read game disc... CRAP.

So I call up Nintendo, explain my issue, they agree that it does sound like the drive died and I need to send it in for repair. They ask for my serial number, I give it to them: "Oh, that's a launch system, thats cool!" she says... Then "I just need to check when you bought it to see if it is still under warranty, oh, wait, it's a launch system, I'm sorry, your warranty expired on February 15th."

Double Crap.

So now not only did I spend $50 on MarioKart... which I can't play for 11-16 days depending on how long it takes to ship, repair, and ship back... but I am out $75 to get it repaired!

This sucks... I hate poor customer service, Nintendo should learn from Apple. I didn't drop it, I didn't beat it with a hammer, it was sitting in my cabinet and it just randomly died... how is that my fault? It's their shoddy workmanship, they should step up to the plate and fix it. But instead they are giving me the shaft to have to repair this console. I am tempted to repair it, turn around and sell it on ebay along with my accessories, purchase a XB360 and never touch another Nintendo system again, crappy service does not inspire loyalty in ones customer base.... we will.

But I am not happy with how I am being treated.... nor am I happy about shelling out dollars just to "fix" something that shouldn't be broken.... grrr.

PS - Anyone wanna borrow MarioKart for 11-16 days... I already opened the box so I can't return it, so I can't do jack crap with it right now...


.justin said...

tap tap mario kart.

Eric and Jamie said...

Poor Ryan.... :(