Friday, January 25, 2008

This is my team, this is how we roll

I haven't really blogged on this yet, I have a lot to comment on this topic (of which 99.9% of you will be bored to tears with, outside of Kyle no one probably even cares) but I haven't figured out what to say... and I don't know what I COULD say to properly sum up what is happening here.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so how many words is a "moving" picture?


Edit to add:
To all my friends and coworkers, there is plenty of room on this bandwagon, and we would love to have you! We have "Mr Sonic" coaching this the youngest team in the NBA (3rd youngest in NBA history) and 2 native sons of Washington (Martell Webster of Seattle Prep and none other than the Rookie of the Year himself, Brandon ROY), we have the #1 overall pick from the 2007 draft the dominant center of the next generation Mr. Greg Oden, and best of all... they are all just "good guys" who you can feel good rooting for.

So join the fun, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride!


B-Handsome said...

I use to really love watching all NBA games; I use to play basketball all the time. But I have lost all respect for the NBA, the league, the coaches, the players, the refs, everything.

The only real basketball is college, thats where the real TEAM sport shines; organized plays, great coaching , real basketball is played on the college courts.

The NBA is disgraceful to the game; the "pros" attitudes have destroyed the game, the play "hog-the-ball-I-am-gods-gift-to-the game" ball. No Offense to the blazers, but its no fun for me to watch.

Ryan said...

Bradley, if you feel that way, watch the Blazers. The very definition of "team" basketball.

They run 10 deep, they never have the same "super star" from night to night, their best player Brandon Roy cares more about winning than individual awards, and they are a group of guys who do things because "it's the right thing to do" not because it's good publicity and good PR.

Several times already this season Blazer players have been caught at the local childrens hospital just playing with kids, there were no TV camera's or reporters or journalists present, they just did it because "it was the right thing to do."

I agree the NBA is infected with the Kobe's and the Melo's and everyone else who is a pot smoking "me first" type player. Heck, that is pretty much the definition of the JailBlazer era. But this rendition of Blazers is so different, they make EACH OTHER better, and they win and lose as a TEAM.

They are the greatest team in sports right now, period. Not in basketball, in sports.

Shalisa said...

I got Maddie to say, "Go Blazers!"

I care. They are awesome. :)

B-Handsome said...

First of all I think its great Maddie is cheering for the "home team".

Second the Blazers maybe that way I dont know I am yet to seem one of there games, but it sounds more like what I am looking for. But as a whole the NBA sucks.

.justin said...

if that guy's real last name is "outlaw", i'm sold.

...i wish my last name was OUTLAW...

Ryan said...

Travis Outlaw, or as Blazer fans affectionately refer to him: Super Trout

james said...

dude, i don't know if it is the AC/DC or the dude named outlaw, but i am a believer.

Eric and Jamie said...

We are trying to get Tayler to say, "bustabucketwhodadunkitblazerdutysuper... go get got it good." All she can say right now is, "bust a bucket". Go Blazers! :)