Monday, October 09, 2006

The weekend

Well we at the Smith home had a pretty eventful weekend, but it was well worth it.

On friday night we drove up to grandma and grandpa Tondre's house and spent the night there. On Saturday the entire family including uncle Cameron went out to the pumpkin patch and picked out some carving pumpkins. We went back to the Tondre's and carved our Halloween pumpkins and ate some roasted pumpkin seeds. We drove home later that night so that we could be ready for the big day on Sunday.

Then on Sunday morning my parents (grandma and grandpa Smith) drove up and met us at church, and grandma and grandpa drove down and met us at church as well. During the church service we had Maddie dedicated to the Lord along with Judah Holzgrove and Landon Hansen.

After church we went home and had lunch, and then at two o'clock people came over for cake and ice cream. We all had a great time, the only down side was that the diet took a bit of a hit, but hopefully by the end of the week I will be back on track to reach my goal.

The only downer was that Sunday night I started to feel pretty icky, I think it was a combination of allergies and a cold all at once, but it hit me like a freight train and after 2 Benadryl I was out like a light. I am still feeling a bit hung over this morning, but the foggy haze is slowly lifting.

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