Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not a lot to say

I have written like a sentence to start off about 3 different topics that I had in mind to post about today, but writers block seems to have struck as I couldn't really couldn't anything to say. Heck even getting a 2nd sentence out on this post is painful as I keep deleting stuff and rewriting what I am trying to say.

I guess the gist of all this is, there isn't much to say today, hopefully tomorrow I will have more to say. I suppose this is why I am not a professional journalist or anything, as on days like this I suppose they have to forge ahead and come up with something interesting to write about. Granted as they curse at their computer that just blue screened for reasons they can't fathom they figure that is why they didn't go into the computer field, so I guess it all balances out.

My hopes to push cancer related content in Adsense seem to, for the most part, have been partially successful. I will say it is kinda fun to watch the ads that appear on my blog as I make different posts to see what Google thinks are "relevant targeted ads."

In the last week I think I have seen ads that range from some strange herbal diet tea crap to info on finding a lawyer if you suffer from absestos inhalation (although that was kind of on purpose, sort of).

I had a good talk with Brian earlier about how targeted ads work on the internet and as we were talking about it with both came to kind of the same realization. That whitelisting certain ad sources (we both agree that adsense, for the most part is unintrusive and relatively clean) so that the ads appear when viewing sites is actually kind of nice. That way if you visit a site that has content that you really like and you want to support the site, you could click on one of their ads to show your support for the site.

I promise this will be my last post about adsense (I didn't even mean to go there, this is just kinda a meandering post that is going everywhere) at least, I promise for the next week or so, you never know when some strange development will arise that makes you want to talk about something.

Anyway, hopefully I will have something more interesting for my peeps tomorrow.

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