Monday, September 04, 2006

My "Laborious" Day Weekend

Well, we had quite the Laborious Labor Day weekend up here.

After roofing on Saturday (which I have already covered) I was able to get Shalisa her raised beds built this morning and then went and continued roofing this afternoon.

I am really excited about the raised beds, they were pretty simple to put together (a wood box [with no top or bottom] isn't the most complex of word wooking accomplishments) and they look really nice. Shalisa is going to try and seal them with a water sealer tomorrow, and I hope to start getting dirt as well tomorrow. I figure it is going to take about 3 loads of dirt to fill the 3 boxes, so if I can get the dirt at lunch time, and then empty it in the evening I can have all 3 boxes done before we head down to Oregon this weekend.

While I was working on the raised beds I also started looking at our septic system. As I got to looking at it I realized I could cut off about a foot to a foot and a half on the end caps of each of our septic lines. So I got a saw out of the garage, too the caps off the end to see how far down I could cut, puked at the sight/smell of the awful poop mold, and begin cutting. By the time I got done all of the end caps had gone from being these 2 foot high lawn monstrosities to just an above ground end cap and that was about it. I think with me cutting down the pipes and with the new raised beds going in the front lawn will look really nice next year.

The other thing I am going to work on with these beds is I want to connect them all together via an irrigation system. The idea I have is to have a quick connect hose connector on the end of the box nearest the house, then have interchangable heads inside the box (drip heads vs spray heads, depending on what you are growing) and then have them all daisy chanined together. The idea is that then Shalisa (or even I before work) can hook up the hose, turn it on, and water all of the garden quickly and easily. With Maddie around Shalisa hasn't had much time to water, and since we want more children I think ideas like this, that can reduce the amount of time doing a repetitive task can really pay off. Well that was our busy, but fun, weekend. I hope everyone else had a great weekend, now it's off to bed so my body can halfway recouperate to go to work tomorrow.... sigh.

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