Friday, September 22, 2006

The longest 2 minutes of my life...

So yesterday my coworker Yvonne took the rest of the office out to lunch at the Little Creek Casino Seafood Bar. First of all, let me just say, that was complete Yum!

I ended up having a pound of king crab legs, and Joel had the same, I think Yvonne and Janet both had a half pound of shrimp each. The prices are super cheap (I think the shrimp was $7, and the crab legs were $18, although if we had gone with a pound of dungeoness crab it would have only been $9). So if you are every in the area, I highly recommend it.

While on the way to the casino we got stopped by the train in the middle of downtown Shelton. Now I used to get stopped by the train pretty much on a daily basis when I lived on the other side of Shelton, but now living in Lake Limerick I can't think of the last time I had to stop for the train... until yesterday.

I HATE sitting and waiting in the car, it is pointless and I feel like I am wasting valuable seconds in my life accomplishing absolutely nothing. So while sitting in the car I begin to get antsy (big surprise there) and started playing with the headrests in the car. I was pulling them out, swapping them around, and in general just being my usual pesky self. Well Janet made some comment about making me run around the car, and Yvonne offered up a dollar to anyone that got out of the car and ran around it. I don't think she had even finished her sentence before I had the door open and was sprinting around the car. I have to say, my lap time around the car was pretty quick and fellow motorists who were also waiting at the train all had a strange look on their face as I went zooming by. Well I got back in the car, refused the dollar Yvonne had offered up (I did it mainly because running around the car and getting a laugh out of everyone seemed to be more worthwhile than sitting in the car and staring at the back of Janet's head). As I entered back into the car I honestly felt that there was a strong possiblity of Janet and/or Yvonne losing control of their bladder at any moment.

We then sat for another minute or so (some laughing histerically, others of us calmy sitting there wondering what was so funny), the train rolled through, and we were off to the casino.

And that was the longest 2 minutes of my life (or at least Janet and Yvonne seem to think so otherwise why would one run around a car?). That was really like a normal 2 minutes on an average day in my life. A long 2 minutes would be when I am sitting at work with my boss over my shoulder as the SQL servers are crashing in flames... thats a long 2 minutes.

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.justin said...

watching the trains go by in shelton is my wife's number one favorite thing in the world. ESPECIALLY if she's the "first car".

i like it too.
ESPECIALLY if i'm with her.