Saturday, August 26, 2006

Late Saturday night

Well it is late Saturday night (bet you couldn't guess that from the title!) and I am sitting in bed, sorta waiting for Maddie. Here is the deal, for some reason Maddie as of late has decided that right around whenever we go to bed (and honestly, the time doesn't matter, it is 10:00 some days, 11:00 others and even 12:00 like tonight) but whatever the time it is that Shalisa and I both actually crawl into bed, that is the time for her to wake up. It is actually pretty impressive, I have no idea how she is doing it, I am just convinced she is either EXTREMELY intelligent and torturing us, or perhaps she has some paranormal abilities.

Anyway, I am lying in bed waiting for Shalisa to finish up in the bathroom so that once Shalisa climbs into bed, I can then go up and put Maddie back to sleep. And as I type this, the baby monitor just clicked, indicating that she is stirring, I haven't heard any crying yet, but Shalisa is still putzing around. This is actually pretty scary/impressive, as I am typing this the exact events that I have laid out are actually happening. Scary.

Well while I have a few more minutes before Shalisa reaches the bed/Maddie wakes up I guess I will write about what I originally got on to write about.

I am thinking that Monday morning, I am going to change the start page of my work computer to my blog. This is step 1 of my master plan. Then each day I am going to try and make a blog post, it will contain pretty much some random stream of consciousness thought, similar to this post or whatever else I feel like blogging about. But the IMPORTANT part of all this is, I am going to also post what I need to work on, both in terms of work and personal life, for all to read. I figure you can't get much more accountable than potentially the entire world. This will serve 2 purposes. 1) It will help me keep track of what exactly I need to be working on (shocking I know to most of you, but my short term memory isn't the greatest) and 2) This will provide me some accountability for how I spend my time (or at least how I spend my time in regards to what my priorities/obligations are).

Honestly this idea scares me a bit, because I know that some days I am much less productive than others, but I have been thinking about how God sees all that we do, there is nothing that we can hide from him and he is the ultimate judge. My goal in life should be to live my life to please him, and in doing so I will also please those around me (at least most of the time :p). So since I can't hide from God, and my ultimate goal is to please him then if I am living by his commandments offering my life up as an open book should be no problem... right? Obviously I am going to sin, sin, and sin again, I have no delusions there. But I know often I think to myself that what I do in private, that no one knows about, goes unnoticed but the simple fact of the matter is that that just isn't true, God knows all and sees all. Lets just be thankful that we all have the opportunity to accept Christ's merciful covering over our sins.

So anyway, that is my master plan. If for some reason you don't see a blog post sometime Monday morning, and you happen to bump into me, remind me!

Well Shalisa is getting ready to get into bed now, I told her of my theory on Maddie, but she has assured me that no, tonight Maddie is going to sleep all through the night. I am at least proud of my wife, she sometimes has a problem being optimistic... and I think with the track record here this is pretty blind optimism... but we will see.

Good Night

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