Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good morning

Wow, what a great morning!

First of all, and most importantly the Twins won last night in a thrilling, 11 inning game over the evil White Sox, so that of course is great.

Also I just found this great little app for my Macbook, it is called QuickTunes and it puts up a little notification window when songs change (some people might not like this) but most importantly, it provides quick access to iTunes controls off of the top menu bar, including the basics like play,forward, rewind, etc as well as extra's like rating, play other by this artist, play other on this cd, and play other in this genre.

It is pretty much provides everything I have wanted in a while in a menubar iTunes controller, and it works greats, and best of all it's free.

So if you have a Mac, and listen to iTunes frequently, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Note to self for later today/tomorrow(and the rest of you to try and decipher): TicTacToe-AI

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