Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yay, no more "Mr. Sniffles"

So we found a NEW internet Cafe, and it has 2 great features, 1 no more Mr. Sniffles the sicky and 2, it actually has a decent (read non Windows 95) computers that I can plug my camera into. So make sure you read the post below for what we have been up to, this will just be pictures and a short description.

The Grand Canal

St. Mark's Square

Us on St. Mark's

The Bridge of Sighs

Maddie and Emma

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mom said...

Grammie needs a squeeze!! your trip is beginning to look & sound a bit like J&J's...what know, Christmas is a long way off to put gifts out of 'my' mind!!hehe can't wait to see you!! love,Mom and Dad