Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guten Tag from Bacharach

Guten Tag from Bacharach, Germany!

Just to let you know, we arrived safe and sound with no troubles and got on our first train to Bacharach and arrived by noon.

Maddie has been the perfect little traveller, keeping our seat mates entertained on the plane. She only let out a little cry when she was hungry. We did not get the bassinet like we had hoped, but it worked out ok anyway. We were concerned she wouldn't sleep at night when we were supposed to be sleeping but she has done better than we could have ever hoped for! We all finally crashed around 6 O'clock last night and laid down to sleep. She went to sleep right along with us and she didn't wake up until 5:30 (Mom was the last to get up at around 7:30 when Maddie needed to eat.)

We are staying in Pension Lettie where our host Lettie has prepared a wonderful room for us and a wonderful breakfast to boot.

Germany is absolutely gorgeous, we wore shorts yesterday and we are wearing them today as well. Luckily we were told that tomorrow will be a bit cooler(because we only packed 2 pairs of shorts). If you had picked up one of these little German towns and transplanted it in to the US I would tell you it was TOO German. Everything is how you would probobly picture Germany to be.

We plan on touring Reihnfields castle as well as cruising the Rhine on a boat today. The area of the Rhine that we are staying at has over 17 castles in an 60 kilometer stretch. The castles were built by "Robber Barrons" that would force boats carrying merchandise up the Rhine to stop and pay a toll. Yesterday as we were trying to stay awake we rode the train about 40 kilometers north and it seemed like out one of the windows there was always a new castle popping in to view.

I will probobly make a blog post tomorrow morning as well as I am making this post from Lettie's laptop at breakfast.


Danny said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Hope your time continues gloriously!

Yvonne said...

It's so awesome the vacation is going so well! Have fun and don't worry about us office trolls back home!

Janet said...

Yeah, you made it! I'm jealous. So glad your arrival and first couple days have gone so smoothly. Hope the rest of your trip follows suit! Take lots of pictures so you can "wow" us when your return.

Aunt Annette said...

Thank you so much for your pictures, it reminds me of our year in Germany back in the late 60's when Ken was stationed in Frankfurt. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Praise God all is well with everyone...can't wait to see ALL the pictures..kiss our sweetie pie and take care of one another.
Grammie and Grampy