Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Updating My Slow Poke Life

I've been SLOW to do anything these days. Can I blame it on the weather? Cause I'm gonna. First it's freezing, so my body doesn't realize it's not hibernation time anymore. Then, the crazy rain/sun cycles. Today we had no less than 10 bouts of showers including the Florida like downpour at 1pm. (Which by the way, just happens to be the time it pours in Florida the time of year we visit) Every time I see it's finally ready to go outside, and I get my shoes on it starts raining again and I sit back really wears a person out! Talk about crying wolf! And then, talk about not being a North westerner! I mean, I won't melt! Silliness. So anyway.

If you didn't know, which you already do-we went to Maine in May to see Auntie Beth and Uncle Kyle. We enjoyed it so much that we're thinking of moving there. Not really. But we will keep trying to get the Aunt and Uncle to move here. We keep trying to entice them with our weather. (Hmm...maybe we should switch tactics?)

Notice Maddie's "gloves"?

Can you tell what her favorite "flower" is?
I took hardly any pictures - and none of us with Kyle and Beth. At least I got 1 good one of them.

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