Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Year.

My sweet baby is really now a sweet little girl. I'm not an overly sentimental person, but knowing I'm not having any more babies makes me a bit more gushy. She came down the stairs this morning and just wanted to cuddle with Daddy. She was excited and when I put her crown on she said, "birthday!"

Annora, you are filled with laughter. I'm so glad I get to be your mommy.

On another note - I have had the idea to do a "Small World" themed birthday party for Maddie. But recently she's really taken a liking to Strawberry Shortcake. Today they both got strawberry shortcake dolls that they have been playing with nonstop. Two days ago Maddie came down the stairs all decked out in an outfit and she was calling herself "the strawberry lady". I've decided to not ask my kids what kind of theme they want, it's going to be a surprise. What do you guys think? I found the coolest fabric for the small world party, and it is her favorite ride at Disneyland/world. But I'm thinking strawberry shortcake could be a huge over-commercialized winner.


Eric and Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Anora and...Strawberry Shortcake FOR SURE!!

Kelly said...

The party planner in me says "SMALL WORLD!" but the mommy part of me says "Strawberry Shortcake...unless you can convince her otherwise. :)"
Either way I'm sure it'll be cute!

And I understand the mourning of your baby getting bigger. I miss my babies. :(

Julia said...

AAAK! I love your girls!! Amazing & delightful little people!

Anonymous said...

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