Monday, November 23, 2009

What the heck?!?!

I wanted to just put this rant out on Twitter, but unfortunately 140 characters was not enough to express my complete disbelief from this stupid Black Friday phenomenon.

There are already people lining up TODAY (Monday) to get in line to purchase items from stores like Best Buy. Now I know there are good deals on Black Friday, and I understand the idea of waiting in line for an unreleased item. I have waited overnight before at WalMart to purchase a Wii on that launch date.

But lining up for a SALE? That seems... confusing at best. See you could enter the store RIGHT NOW and purchase the exact same item you are going to wait in line 4 days to purchase. There is no "exclusitivity" to the product that you are waiting for... all you are waiting for is a PRICE.

But what in the world do you do that you it is actually a worthwhile endevear to wait in line 3 days to purchase something from one of these stores. I have to assume you are not unemployed, because most of the "big discounts" that are offered on items are on big ticket items. You can get a $1000 TV for $500 or some such other "great deal." Therefore I have to assume you have some sort of income that allows you to have a disposable amount of $500.

If this is the case, would you not be better served WORKING, saving your days off, and just spending the extra cash? The real cost to get the TV (taking time off + price) is going to be MUCH greater than the price you could probably purchase it anyway.

Not only that, but that means you are also going to have to sit outside in late November (cold and rainy), and miss a time of celebration with friends and family (Thanksgiving) while you wait to save a couple of bucks.

I just don't get the mindset/lifestyle that thinks this is a productive idea, but I suppose whatever floats your boat.


Kelly said...

That's ridiculous! I was just ranting yesterday that the stores are opening even earlier this year - 3am! That's insane! There's nothing I need so badly that I would get up at 2am to go stand in line. Now standing in line 4 days ahead of time?!? Wow. I love Black Friday, I really do, and I'll be out around 5am with my mom and my sisters but we go knowing that a lot of what we may want may be gone by the time we get there and it's okay. We'll still have fun. Standing in line, outside, for 4 days? Not fun. Good post!

Koralmae said...

I would just like to say that I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER shopped on Black Friday. I'd like to say it's my stance on anti-consumerism or other some virtuous ideal that keeps me away. But truth of the matter is, I'm usually too full of turkey to go anywhere...oh and the fact I DON'T DO MORNINGS...yeah.

Good post, Ryan.

Danny said...

OK, so I could definitely see this happening in Singapore if the deals were good enough. And they wouldn't even have to be THAT good!

When Windows 7 came out there was a store offering the upgrade for $79 SGD starting at midnight. But the flier said you could start lining up at 7pm. But, this deal is only good for the first 170 copies after that you have to pay the normal price of $129. Wow, I'm gonna wait in line for 5 hours to save $50? Not gonna happen!