Monday, March 30, 2009

Madeleine got a package in the mail. We love these warmer days where we can get our mail and sit and open it on the porch...ok, so it's not really that much warmer...but warm enough. She gets so excited to dig through a box of goodies! Her favorite was probably the wallet (not pictured). I was actually surprised she even knew what it was. I don't know why I thought she wouldn't know what it was. Anyway, she won't let her sister use it yet, which means she's VERY attached to it. The other day she opened it and said, "NO MONEY! There's no money in my wallet! Where did it go!?"...haha! Great imagination kid. Maybe she thought if she said it like that I would be happy to put some in it for her. So, thanks Uncle Kyle and Auntie Beth...but next time put money in the wallet! :) Just kidding. This picture was taken after her nap, which she had to go take just after the box of goodies was opened, and she wouldn't sleep till each new item was tucked safely beside her in bed.

Last week we were all tired. One night Ryan offered to bring home dinner, and we still had survivor to watch, so we decided to have our first indoor picnic as a family. Chicken and Jo's isn't too messy. Ryan brought home this big bucket of food, and we sat it on a blanket and everyone filled there tum's to the fullest...but the winner for the big eating was Annora, who was probably the most excited about a bucket of food. This little thing can REALLY eat.'s been a long time since we've had a meal in front of the TV. Without kids we used to do it regularly. I're not supposed to, bad for your health...whatever...but I have to say, it was nice. I think we're going to institute indoor picnic night once a month. No vegetables allowed. (Except the couch variety)

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