Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things That Make Me Smile

This man.

Because he's awesome.
Because he eats the gross food I order by mistake and gives me his yummy food.
Because he STILL plays cybernations.
Because turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes is his favorite meal.
Because he has gray eyes.
Because he plays with fire...ok that doesn't make me just burns off his eyebrows, but the eyebrow part makes me smile. (smugly)
Because he's compassionate.
Because he wears cool hats.
My smile is big.

This girl.
Because she is my snuggle bug.
Because she has cool crazy hair.
Because she poops styrofoam.
Because she she plays peek a boo with her dresses.
Because she crawls with one leg out.
Because she curls up to nap the minute she touches something soft and fuzzy.
Because she stuffs her face so full I think it will burst sometimes. Chipmunk Annora. My little food vacuum. Although, it's not just food, see above on the styrofoam.
My smile is big.

This girl.
Because she says randomly, "mom...I love you."
Because she wears socks for mittens.
Because she remembers what I tell her and then reminds me that I told her.
Because she wears at least 3 outfits a day.
Because she bakes me a cake almost every day.
Because she says, "I'm a good baker"
Because she goes on dates with Daddy to the dump.
Because she gets sad that the dump has no water slides.
Because she wears cool crowns -princess Madeleine.
My smile is big.
Home makes me smile. Family makes me smile. Chocolate makes me smile. Good friends make me smile. Yarn makes me smile. Fabric makes me smile. Felt makes me smile. Buttons make me smile. Cameras make me smile. Wet dirt makes me smile. Peonies make me smile. Roses make me smile. Deer make me frown. Snow makes me smile. Babies make me smile. TV night makes me smile. Music makes me smile. Christmas villages make me smile. My daughters giggling make me smile. My husband content makes me smile. Bread makes me smile.
There is a lot of smile to be found in this life.
My smile is big.


Julia said...

I love your family!!

And I'm sad too that the dump has no water slides! what's up with that!

Koralmae said...

That is one of the coolest posts I have EVER seen! It melted my ice-ball heart. Very cool