Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Some Tiny Tea

I made Madeleine an art table last summer. I found a great homemade 2 person desk at Treasures and converted one side into a lidded lentil bin and mounted a paper roll on one end for drawing. I put split peas in the lentil bin while the table was still in the garage and let her go at it. But have yet to actually have it in use while it's been in her room. Actually, other than using it to put clothes on, it's just been a fixture in her room. No use. Oh...and sometimes she'd tear a piece of paper off the roll and chew on it. So, after some thinking I decided that she should just have a regular little kid table in the room. Witnessing our prior posts you'll notice that she will have no lack of craft projects when the table is gone. I find the kitchen a much more friendly environment for paint and crayons.
I was talking to my mom about what I was planning, and she offered up one of her many little tables for our use. (Thank you very much Mom!) I picked the vintage table with yellow painted legs and ready to be painted top. I had a great idea. And now it's finished and in her room, and before bedtime last night I watched Maddie situate bunny and bear and pour them some tea...and then when I told her it was time for jammies and bed, she carefully tucked bunny and bear into bed first. So cute. So fun. I love make believe and toddler days.

So, now we need a little tiny baker's rack so she can store her tea pots and other supplies for tiny tea. Any takers...grandpas? Or should the Daddy take this one on.


Julia said...

That table is seriously ADORABLE!! I love it! Beautiful work, Shalisa.

Eric and Jamie said...

That is so cute! You did a great job!