Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half a Year

6 months old.

Doesn't sound like my baby is very old does it...but then you say "half a year"...and now it sounds old.

Annora Jane - 6 months old. Half a year has flown by. She's 15 pounds and 26 inches. Does a belly crawl...or sometimes I like to think of it as the belly flop scoot. She's cutting her two bottom teeth. Is allergic to bananas and avocado in a pretty severe way. But she LOVES to eat. I mean LOVES to eat. Sometimes she cries when we're through. She really likes zucchini and pears. She giggles when I tickle her under the chin and laughs when we dance. I relish any moment just spent with her. Sometimes I put her down for her nap later so we can just laugh together. I'll miss these baby times. But I won't be sad. Because God made us this way on purpose. We weren't supposed to stay 10 pounds and gurgle and sleep all day for years...just 6 months. And I've enjoyed it. And now I'll say hello to the next stage of this well designed life God has given us.


Julia said...

a half a year! She'll get so much bigger, but she'll always be precious! (I adore her)

Eric and Jamie said...

I can't believe it! 1/2 year! Wow! She is so sweet and always will be.

~C said...

cute cute!

Koralmae said...

Wow. Thank you for brightening my day. I just read about the last four posts on your blog, and I'm sitting here at my desk, and I just can't help but smile!