Friday, February 15, 2008

A Musical Explosion

So it's been a while, probably will continue to be a while before I get back to really regular postings, but I thought I would throw a little something up, letting everyone know I didn't forget the blog... I am just busy at work and tired at home... so it gets neglected.

I am not a "cutting edge" of the musical scene type person. There are a few bands that I listened to before they hit main stream. Maroon 5 and Bare Naked Ladies would be the 2 that I listened to before they got big, BNL like years before they got big. Unless of course you want to count me listening to the Toadies, the Pixies, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Toad and the Wet Sprocket and all the other "in" grunge bands that are making a comeback... I listened to all those guys the first go around.

Anyway, I have recently found a... band (I guess you would call them that) that like, very few other people apparently are listening to. I have to say, this is like my new favorite music to listen to at work or any other time where I am engaged but just want some "background" music. The artists in question are Explosions in the Sky. It's purely instrumental, no lyrics, but they freaking are just awesome. You may recognize a few of their songs if you are a fan of Friday Night Lights (I am not, but I know they do the sound track to FNL). I think I can honestly say I don't know if I have ever been this "excited" about just pure instrumentals, typically I am a lyrical pop singer who likes to lip synch or (if I am alone in the car) sing along with whatever music. Instrumental music you can't really sing along with, but I just love their music anyway!

Just thought I would throw it out there, if you want to try something completely different from your prototypical daily listening or hear something you won't hear on the radio, give em a try!

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.justin said...

i HAVE heard of them.
i think through brian weza.

i also think the opening theme song to FNL is catchy.

HONESTLY: kristi said that my [currently in final mixing stages] song "smile." has the sound/feel to the FNL intro music... which i think is pretty cool, especially since i don't watch FNL.

i too like lyrics, b/c it's so hard to write good ones!

i'll give them a "torrent-ed" listen!