Friday, January 26, 2007

Going to Los Angelos

I need to get back to blogging, so I am trying an offline blogging client called Bleezer.

If this works then I think I will blog my weekend, and post it when I get a chance.

If you are wondering why I would blog this weekend, well I am going to Los Angelos to audition for a TV show called the World Series of Pop Culture. I know it sounds geeky and nerdy, but hey, if they want to give me $250,000 for knowing random useless facts well I won't stop them.

So lets see if this works.

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1 comment:

.justin said...

make sure you get on the right flight. because, when i heard you talking about it before, the W.S.P.C. was in Los AngelEs. also, my "friend" went tonight. read his exprience here.