Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the justin: christ-follower vs. christian

the justin: christ-follower vs. christian

Great post by the .justin, these videos are AWESOME.

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.justin said...

when you read my post, you'll find yourself a great comment by the ryan.

he's so insightful... that ryan is.

Kyle said...

Instead of rubbing against the nomenclature of Christian (which is purely short for Christ follower) vs. “Christ follower” we should instead embrace our name and reinvent the meaning of it. Actually do what Rob Bell says to do in his NOOMA video "Bullhorn." Where he speaks of going out to serve the community in response to those that are condemning it.

Not just rail against people that are stuck in legalism, but instead shower grace upon them. Really aren't we just becoming legalistic in our way of thinking how a “Christ follower” should dress, act, and worship? People are getting saved in some of the most orthodox churches in the world. Instead of focusing our energies on other churches, Christians, or Christ followers we need to reach out the lost, unsaved, and unrepentant.