Monday, July 18, 2005

Getting close to the end!

Well...Very sorry for those who check the blog and have been disappointed for the last two months on no new updates. As you may have guessed, we've been busy busy with the house and such. Up here at the cabin we are without a lot of luxuries, such as highspeed internet. We've signed on with AOL for some free dial-up, but I don't really want to attempt to load our pictures that way, so you'll either have to come see the house yourself...or wait a little longer for us to update with new pictures.

As probably all of you know, we are also expecting our first child, so we'll be making one of our bedrooms into a nursery. It's wonderful timing.

The house has been slow for a while, but things are picking up. Our August 1st move in date will not be able to be met, but our house completion will be August 12th, with hopefully the ability to move in that weekend. If not...we're not sure where we'll live for a while as the cabin will not be an option at that we are praying, and we know the Lord will provide.

Our sheetrockers have finally arrived and done a wonderful job. They even cleaned up after themselves, which is not in the contract...we are supposed to do all the cleaning. It was such a blessing though this last Saturday to arrive for a day full of labor at the house and find our sheetrocker leaving with a trailer full of debri. We still had plenty of work for the day, but not having to drive to the dump was really nice. The sheetrockers are waiting for the electricians...Apparently they forgot to wire for the vanity lights in the upstairs bathroom. I actually caught that early on, but Ryan told me that he was sure they all knew what they were doing, so didn't call Hiline...But I was right.

We've had several issues with the electric stuff...Hopefully everything got fixed up nice and we won't run into any more trouble, but we were trying to get our temporary outlet to work when the circuit panel sparked...It ended up that the electricians drilled a screw through the back of the panel...Needless to say, things weren't working right.

The plan is that by the end of this week we will have our main water line finished and the last of our backfill completed, making way for our big work weekend. Thursday night Ryan plans to spray all the primer in the house...Friday we'll spray the ceiling paint...And Shalisa will probably start painting the rooms with the rollers. Saturday and Sunday we'll have helpers to paint and put on our deck (hopefully the deck will be going on...That's the PLAN anyway) :)

August 2nd is our first trim installation, and from then till the 12th there will be trim and flooring and cabinet installations till its completed...Our county inspection will take place on the 12th as well, and our final walk through, and Lord will we can move in. We are excited. It's very fun to finally see the rooms all enclosed. We were expecting everything to look much smaller once the sheetrock went on, but we actually were surprised at the size of everything still.

Yesterday we ordered all of our appliances, which was really quite simple as Shalisa had done a lot of looking and research already and had everything picked out, it was just a matter of going to the stores and ordering them. Sears was having a pretty decent sale, which helped somewhat in the pricing, and the Sears salesman made a deal with Shalisa to exchange the racks that come in the oven for ones that are at the store. (Long story, but we got what we wanted without paying extra...which one shouldn't have to on an Elite series appliance)

So, things are moving, and will stay moving till we get in. We can't wait to have a BBQ at the new place to introduce you all to our new home. We haven't set a date for it yet, as we're not sure of when move in will be, and we are taking a much needed vacation the first week in September, so we're thinking maybe after that...we'll let you know as soon as we figure it out.

We are very thankful to all those who are helping us along the way, whether it is paint, or helping us wire, or deck hands, or those who helped pick up the nails, everyone's help has been greatly appreciated, and the completion of our home not as possible.

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